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Head into the forest with one studly guy and a psycho girl in this twisted fairy tale novella with a chance of zombie. 

Hans and his contentious fiancé, Liesel, are just two warm bodies who wander too far into a forest that was once the site of a zombie infestation. When they stumble upon a romantic cottage, Hans is completely unaware that the woman who will capture his heart—as well as his meaty flesh—is hidden away inside the charming home. To claim true love, Hans will have to endure captivity, unraveling mystery, and a brawl with zombies.


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“Impressionism 101” by Nicki Elson is included in the debut issue of Insatiable: The Magazine of Paranormal Desires.

Story summary: What really goes on when the lights go down in the Art Institute of Chicago.

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“Sway” is a sweet single by Nicki Elson and is available for free download in PDF, EPUB and MOBI or 99 cents in Kindle.

Story summary:  Summer nights get interesting for three octogenarian sisters when a mysterious crooner shows up under one of their windows. Sway is a whimsical tale of sisterhood, romance, the power of memories, and the dangers of holding a grudge.


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 “I Don’t Do Valentine’s Day” by Nicki Elson is included in A Valentine Anthology, a collection of romanic short stories.

Story summary: Victoria has been burned in her Valentines’ past and now steadfastly refuses to “do” the commercialized holiday.  But this year, with a boyfriend who appears to do everything just right, will the Valentine’s curse finally be broken…or will she once again be foiled by Cupid and his hallucinogen-laced candy hearts?

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