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Book Discussion Questions for
Divine Temptation by Nicki Elson

1. In your opinion, who is more responsible for the divorce—Maggie or Carl?

2. What would have to be going on in your life to accept or believe that an angel is visiting you? What’s the first thing you would ask the angel?

3. In chapters 3 and 5 Maggie is reading an unidentified paperback book. What book do you think it is and why?

4. With which of Maggie’s three romantic interests did you feel the most chemistry—Carl, Raymond or Evan?

5. At any point throughout the story, did you doubt Evan’s sincerity? If so, when?

6. In Chapter 11, Evan’s touch is described as: “rather than a soft and watery sensation, the pressure and tension in his kiss felt more like smashing through an iceberg.” Why do you suppose the sensation was so different at that moment?

7. Was Monsignor Sarto a good man?

8. Which of the seven deadly sins was Father Tom guilty of?

9. In chapters 20-23, Maggie felt as if she’d been cut off from the Lord’s grace. Was she? What signs indicate that she was? What signs indicate that she wasn’t?

10. Was Maggie a hero? If so, what was her heroic act?

11. To what extent do you think Maggie let being a mother define her – at the beginning of the book, in the middle, at the end?

12. Which of the characters did you personally relate to most? Why?

13. Do you think Evan continues to visit Maggie after this story ends? For how long?

14. Did this story cross any lines with you personally, either because of sexual content or religious overtones?

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