Three Daves

Jen and all three of her Daves have been transported from the 1980s to the new millennium in this reboot of Three Daves, originally published in 2010. The new version will be released by Omnific Publishing on April 26, 2016.

3d-David-200x300Three Daves Part 1 – David; Sophomore Year

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Jennifer Whitney always expected to save her virginity for that special someone. But the nineteen year old college sophomore is tired of waiting for the universe to bring him to her—especially while everyone around her is gaining valuable experience in the bedroom…and in the library stacks and in conversion vans…

Afraid of falling behind, she decides to lose her virginity to her friend David, someone she’d never ever risk a romantic relationship with after what he did to her. Trouble is, she’s been crushing on David since freshman year. Can she really take that step with him and not fall into the trap of hoping things will turn real?

“I asked my interior designer to give me something appropriate for defiling virgins.”  ~David


3D_Dave-200x300Three Daves Part 2 – Dave: Junior Year

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With solid sexual experience under her belt, Jennifer Whitney is determined to return to her good girl status until she meets the right guy. Sexy super-senior Dave is not the right guy. But his mesmerizing eyes and sensual swagger have a way of making up for that—especially when he gives Jen the kind of attention she never dreamed she’d get from someone like him.

Her roommate doesn’t like him. Her friend David isn’t his biggest fan, either. But neither of them understand the persuasive powers of Dave’s delicious tongue and his tiger-like growl. Jen’s proud of herself for resisting his many temptations, yet she knows Dave won’t stick around forever if she never gives him anything…

“Come on, good girl. Be bad.”  ~Dave


3D_BigD-200x300Three Daves Part 3 – Big D; Senior Year

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Big D is wonderful. Big D is perfect. Big D is taking way too long to make a freaking move. Self-proclaimed good girl Jennifer Whitney never thought she’d be the aggressive one in a relationship. But what choice does she have when her big, beefy hunk of a boyfriend treats her like fragile glass? She knows she can’t let him keep thinking she’s a virgin, but no way can she explain how she lost it, especially when D’s already suspicious of her friendship with David—the guy she lost it to.

By the end of senior year, Jen thought she’d have it all figured out. Instead, she’s forced to rethink who she is and what she wants during one crazy weekend when she has a close encounter with all three of her Daves.

Of all the fraternity houses on campus, you had to walk into mine.”  ~Big D