Divine Temptation Locations

The locations in Divine Temptation are influenced by various locations in the far western suburbs of Chicago. Here are a few pictures of some of the places:

Fabyan Woods in Geneva, IL “Surveying the still forest around him, he watched the pale morning sunlight filter through the bare branches, illuminating nothing but the trees, the forest floor, and him.”

Fabyan Woods in Geneva, IL “To joggers along the perimeter of the preserve, the distant ruckus of fleeing animals had registered only as a minor disturbance to the music blasting through their earbuds.”

The downtown of the fictional Prairie Oaks is influenced by the historic Fox Valley towns of Geneva and Batavia, IL:

State Street in downtown Geneva, IL “The streets along his short walk to the historic part of town were already alive with cars pushing through the slush, carrying their contents to work.”

Corner of State and Third Streets in Geneva, IL “She turned to unsling her purse from the back of the chair and froze in place when she caught a glimpse of someone behind the coffee shop’s counter.”

The fictional Somme Park is primarily influenced by Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL with dashes of Fabyan Villa in Geneva, IL.

Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL “The women veered onto a narrow trail that snaked among the fading stalks of last year’s prairie grasses, which were being swiftly replaced by new greenery and the beginnings of what would soon be a sea of yellow ragwort.”

Fabyan Villa in Geneva, IL “Brushing past the fading blossoms of the cherry and apple trees, she entered the tunnel to find a handful of visitors dappled in spots of sunlight.”

Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL “They proceeded to the formal garden with its geometric hedges bordering jewel-colored beds of early-blooming annuals.”

Japanese Gardens at Fabyan Villa in Geneva, IL “Liam seemed to forget his boredom when he discovered live koi flitting in the small pond. Maggie and her sister sauntered onto the arched bridge and watched him.”

For many years I drove past the entrance to this building, ney, this entire campus of buildings, and let me just tell you – it looks a lot smaller from the road.  It’s the more intimate imagined version you’ll find in the book.

Kane County Government Center in Geneva IL “A sidewalk leading to the historic red brick building branched off into a narrow trail that wrapped around the side, and she followed it.”

Fabyan Woods in Geneva, IL “After work the next day, she went to a park by the river and sat atop a vacant picnic table, watching bikers whiz by on the paved path and fishermen wade into the water.”

Fabyan Woods in Geneva, IL “He turned and they walked across the lawn to a path, eventually winding in among the trees. Though their view of the river was blocked by tree trunks and full branches, they could still hear the rush of its currents.”

Third Street in downtown Geneva, IL “Maggie glanced from the restaurant patio toward the street and scanned the row of Victorian-era homes that had been retrofitted into stores and other businesses to create a quaint shopping district.”

Wilson Street Bridge, downtown Batavia, IL. “They’d walked onto the main bridge and stood on one of the curved lookout points over the shallow river.”

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