Big Plans & Tempered Expectations

I go into the new year with big plans and tempered expectations. It’s quite nice to have reached this stage of maturity in the publishing biz. This year I’m finally, finallygoing to keep my writing life focused on where it should’ve been all along—on writing.

As I said in a previous IWSG post, I believe a book’s commercial success all comes down to: 1) compelling story and/or characters, 2) appealing cover/blurb/premise, 3) the right timing, and 4) magic. I only have control over the first two, so that’s where I’ll focus my efforts.

If 3 & 4 don’t come through for me—or if I get 1 & 2 wrong—I’ll no longer waste time and energy in a scramble to build a false fire under my books with a bevvy of online promotions as kindling. You know what I’ll do, instead? I’ll write something else. Not because I buy into the theory that ┬ámore books automatically lead to more success, but because I like writing. It makes me happy. And every time I do it, I get better at it.

My goal for 2016 is to always have an exciting new project waiting in the wings as I finish up on a current one. By the end of the year, I hope to have two new novels, a re-release of my debut novel, and possibly a new twisted fairy tale out in the world. There, I said it. Now I better get to doing it